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Electrical Repair and Contractor Services

Do you have some electrical repair work that needs to be done around the house? Does your business need to upgrade or add electrical controls for a new facility or an additional piece of equipment? Then you have probably been looking for an electrical contractor near me, right? The good news is you have found us. The great news is we can handle all of your electrical concerns and needs, large and small.

Welcome to the Jaswal Electrical Corp, we are an electrical contractor service built on the idea of putting the customer first. That results in the services you want not the services you are given. That means getting solutions and services tailored to the specific needs of your home or business. Is it an older home that has an outdated electrical system? Is your business in search of an electrical contractor near me that you can partner with for all of your electrical repair needs, upgrades, and installations?

If you are looking for experienced, professional, and friendly help for your electrical concerns, for home or business, for small jobs or large projects, then let the Jaswal Electrical Corp help. When the lights go out, don't be left in the dark. When you flip the switch and it doesn't work, have the know-how to fix it. When you need to upgrade your home, get help for an electrical repair, or add an extra control panel for your business, have a partner you can turn to for help and solutions, anytime - every time.

We are the Jaswal Electrical Corp and we are more than an electrical contractor, we are your partner and answer for all of your electrical needs and questions. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for trusting us with all of your electrical concerns. We want to reassure you that our team practices safe working measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and as always, with your electrical issues too.

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